The Stretch Model
The Stretch Model
The Stretch Model
The Stretch Model
The Stretch Model

The Stretch Model

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  • Size Range:  9' - 10'6 

  • Sample Dimensions:  Length: 9'6  Width: 23" "  Thickness: 3"

  • Experience Level: Intermediate to Expert

  • Wave Type: Best for clean, peeling waves knee to head high

  • Shaped by:  Chris Darby
  • Description: Designed at G&S  in 1965 by Mike Hynson with input from Skip Frye and Billy Hamilton for the Tom Morey Noseriding contest held that same year in Ventura. The Stretch is specifically designed to "Stretch" your time on the nose while still maintaining good overall performance. This was one of the first "reverse" rocker models made for noseriding. In addition, The nose is "cut off" so when nose riding, your weight is a few inches back from where it would normally be if the nose was still there…and it’s got a distinct look!o advanced surfer or the surfer new to nose riding that wants extra stability.

  • Features a medium wide outline throughout with  with wide squared off nose, semi-parallel rails, and slight hip towards the tail with a wider tail block. Rails are medium full 50/50 to thinly foiled off the tail for extra hold and control. Bottom contour has medium concave in nose blending to flat bottom near center with rolled "Vee" in the tail. Rocker is balanced but with flatter entry in the nose and increasd kick in the tail for better noseriding and easy turns off the tail.
  • Fin set up/ Options: Recommended as a Single Fin.

  • Standard Construction U.S. Blanks Green Density Foam with a 1" T-band with high density foam Stringer, 2-Layers of 6oz Glass on the deck with a Volan Deck patch and 1- 6oz Volan on the bottom  with cut-laps for a classic clean look. Wet Sanded Gloss or Gloss & Polish finish.

Other options are available with Quote such as Airbrush Color or Shipping

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