The Stretch Model
The Stretch Model

The Stretch Model

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The Stretch - Order takes 4-6 Weeks - Call for a quote on Shipping.
Size Range: 9'0 - 10'6

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 9'2  width:22 1/2" Thickness: 3"  Nose" 18 1/2" Tail: 15"

The Stretch is Back! It was originally designed back in the 60’s for the Tom Morey Noseriding Contest of 1965. The nose is basically cut off so when nose riding, your weight is a few inches back from where it would normally be if the nose was still there…and it’s got a distinct look!

50/50 rails slowly fades into a soft 60/40 rail in the tail for a little more speed. A blended concave in the nose for that extra lift, fades into flat then into belly towards the tail. Parallel rails allows the board to pick up speed while in trim. The rocker is slightly flatter for speed, and for that classic vintage board feel. The tail is pulled in just at the end for some fun old school pivot turns. This is a great old school board for doing some new school nose riding on.

Example Shown Includes:

  • U.S. Blanks Green or Classic Density Foam
  • 2" Balsa Stringer, or 1/2" Balsa or 1/4" RedWood Center Stringer
  • Black Resin Nose Panels and pinlines on the Deck
  • 2-Layers of 6 or 8oz Volan Glass with Cutlap plus a Knee patch and Tail Patch
  • Single Fin Box with a Drill hole for string loop or Resin loop -Fin Included
  • Gloss & Polish Finish. Shipping is Additional.

Everything is optional on custom orders.

ORDERS Take 6-8 Weeks. Surfboard Shipping is not included in the price and is Approx. $250 within the Continental USA. We also Ship to Hawaii and most countries We will call you or email you to go over your order details.

At that time we can give you a shipping quote as well to your destination. Free Pick up in San Diego, CA.  If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Ph. (858)270-1140


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