Shaper: Kevin Connelly  Photo by @simon_whale

Meet Our Shapers...

Gordon & Smith Surfboards has always been several shapers which provide a collaborative environment where shapes get scrutinized and perfected and then tested by our Team. The focus has always been the G&S Brand, not just one Shaper.... We would like to take the time to Thank all the Shapers who have created, shaped and contributed to Gordon & Smith through the years. Its an All-Star Cast of Craftsmen.

G&S Head Shaper: Chris Darby

Chris Darby is our Head Shaper and has shaped thousands of boards under the Gordon & Smith label over the past 20 years. For the past few years, Chris has worked with Eric Gordon on all of the G&S models from the 70's by modernizing the foils, rails and making them sleek new renditions that are relevant in today's surf scene while still incorporating a firm nod to the past design, keeping their "G&S
Soul" intact. He is the shaper of choice for most of the boards in our extensive Catalog.
Chris knows how to shape a better board that makes a better Surfer. Chris is so under the radar that he is
the best kept secret in San Diego and we are so lucky to have him all
to ourselves here at G&S.

Teamrider & Shaper: Isaac Wood

Isaac has been on our Surf Team since the 90's and has spent the last few years really honing his skills in areas of design, and has stepped into the shaping room fresh from the ocean to create boards for the experienced Longboarder from his own experience as a Pro Longboarder.

He specifically shapes the IW Log, IW Perfect Pin, IW HYpro, and the Newest Model, "Le Anima'l" working with our Experienced Team to R&D everything extensively.

G&S Shaper: Hank Warner

Hank's been shaping since 1967 when he started working on surfboards
with Billy Caster and then with G&S for years. Hank's specialty is
EVERYTHING. He has shaped more than 25,000 surfboards, many of
those under the G&S label. Hank has traveled the world to surf and
shape custom surfboards in Australia, New Zealand, England, Spain, the
entire Coastal USA, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

New Talent

Dominic Picone

Dominic Picone is our youngest and latest addition to the G&S lineup. We have him shaping select models such as the Drone II, and more working with Britni, one of our female ambasadors to perfect the "High Roller" modern log, and he worked with Kevin Connelly on his collaborations with G&S as well. 
Born and raised in San Diego.