The Squid
The Squid
The Squid
The Squid
The Squid

The Squid

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  • Shaped by:  Chris Darby
  • Experience Level:  Intermediate to Advanced
  • Wave Type: Ideal for sloppy to average waist to head high conditions, but can also handle larger / steeper conditions depending on the surfers experience.
  • Size range: 5'5"-6'4"′
  • Sample Dimensions: Length:  5'10  Width: 21"  Thickness: 2.75"

  • Description: The Squid is a complete revamp of our 1st Generation Twin Fin from 1971. An Oz influenced model that was very popular, but faded away within a year due to improper fin templates and placement of the era. We kept the original template, but modernized the bottom contours and fin system. A compact volume board similar to the Fish, The Squid offers a "Skatey-er" feel on top of the water with plenty of pivot and snap in turns without losing drive.

  • Fin System: Twin Fins (Either Future or FCS) plus 1-FCS plug with FCS "nubster" trailer
  • U.S. Blanks Blue or Green Density Foam
  • 3/16"" Basswood Stringers
  • 2-Layers of 4 or 6oz Glass on the deck

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