The Magic Glider - Round Pin
The Magic Glider - Round Pin
The Magic Glider - Round Pin
The Magic Glider - Round Pin

The Magic Glider - Round Pin

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The Magic Glider - Round Pintail

  • Size Range: 9'0- 10'6
  • Sample Dimensions: Length:  10'6" Nose:  18” Width: 23 1/2” Tail: 16 1/4" Thickness: 3 1/4”
  • Custom Orders Take 5-8 weeks.
  • Surfboard Shipping is  Approx. $250 within the Continental USA. We also Ship to Hawaii and most countries.


This is our Magic template from the "Short Board Revolution" and is one of the most versatile templates in our line up. Modified with glider rocker, rails and bottom contours, The Magic Glider has a "wide point forward" continuous curve outline that translates into down the line speed, smooth turning and incredible control from the tail. Built to ride well in a range from Micro small waves to larger surf.  Turns free and easier because of a friendlier rail design that won't catch rail like most Gliders do. Bottom contours feature the secret sauce, deep double concave off the tail. This model is offered in rounded pin or swallowtail versions and works well with single fin , 2+1, tri or twin.

Everyone needs a Glider in their Quiver, and this is a great choice.

Standard Construction:  U.S. Blanks Green or Classic Density Foam with a 3/8" Bass Stringer, 2-Layers of 6 or 8oz Glass plus a Knee patch and Tail Patch. Single Fin Box with a Drill hole for string loop -Fin Included and a Gloss & Polish Finish or Wetsanded Gloss.