The Magic Fish / Swallow
The Magic Fish / Swallow

The Magic Fish / Swallow

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  • Size Range: 6’2″-9'0 (For larger sizes ask about our "Magic Glider")

  • Sample Dimensions:  Length: 7'6  Width: 22" Nose:16" Tail: 15" Thickness: 3"

  • Wave Type: Great for average to excellent conditions in a variety of waves from waist high to overhead.

  • Shaped by:  Chris Darby
  • Description: The Original Magic and one of our best sellers and classic outlines since 1969. Refined and improved throughout the decades, and still a favorite. It can glide down-the-line through sections in small surf or carve smooth powerful turns in larger surf. Medium hard 60/40 rails fade into edge in the tail, a mild rocker for easier paddling and speed. With Flat to medium double concave built into the "Vee". The Swallowtail creates increased drive and hold in and out of turns in steeper, more powerful conditions. * Also great with "Wing" option for increased release, bit and tighter turns.

  • Fin set up/ Options: Recommended as a Single, 2+1 or also as a Tri or Quad with Futures or FCS fin Systems

  • Standard Construction U.S. Blanks Blue or Green Density Foam with a 3/16" Bass Stringer. 2-Layers of 4 or 6oz Glass on the deck and 1- 4 or 6oz glass on the bottom. Acrylic Finish, Wet Sanded Gloss, Gloss & Polish finish.

Other options are available with Quote such as Airbrush Color or Shipping

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