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The HotCurl
The HotCurl

The HotCurl

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The Hot Curl - Order takes 4-6 Weeks -Call us for a quote on Shipping.
Size Range: 8'0 - 9'6

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 9' Width: 23.5" Thickness: 2.875" Nose: 18" Tail 15.5"

Designed in 1967 in response to the rising Australian influence of the “Involvement” era just before the “Short board Revolution”, the Hot Curl was meant to be ridden shorter, lighter, thinner and to be highly maneuverable. Ideal for riding up and down the face of the wave, closer and tighter to the “Curl” for a much more dynamic surf experience. This model is best suited for the intermediate to advanced surfer in a wide range of surf conditions from small to overhead surf.

A medium curved outline with wide point at center for easy turning from trim position with semi blunt nose and extra curved hip in tail to a square or pin tail. Rails are medium foiled 60/40 for extra lift and sensitivity. Bottom contour is flat to medium “V” in tail with subtle concave in nose optional. Rocker is even and balanced for all around performance.

Comes standard with two 1/8” Bass stringers, colored foam “Hot Curl” wedges,
Volan cut laps and Knee Patch

ORDERS Take 4-6 Weeks. Surfboard Shipping is not included in the price and is Approx. $200-230 within the Continental USA. We also Ship to Hawaii and most countries (excluding Japan and Australia - see our Dealer list for contacts)

We will call you or email you to go over your order details.

At that time we can give you a shipping quote as well to your destination. Free Pick up in San Diego, CA. If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Ph. (858)270-1140