The H.P.
The H.P.
The H.P.
The H.P.
The H.P.
The H.P.
The H.P.
The H.P.
The H.P.

The H.P.

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The H.P. - Order takes 6-8 Weeks - Call for a Shipping Quote

Sample Dimensions:
9'0 x 18" x 22 7/8" x 2 7/8"
9'6 x 18 1/2" x 23" x 3

The “HP” by our team rider and shaper Isaac Wood, was originally designed for the ultimate performance experience. 

The “HP”, short for “High Pro”, was the board Isaac rode while on tour. 

Built for stronger waves, and abilities to noseride, this board was meant to have extra action from the tail. 
This model has the most rocker out of all our models, and is positioned so that there is not any pushing of water. Added rocker allows the board to fit in tighter sections, as well as allowing the nose to be free and clear when hitting the lip or doing full wrap cutbacks. 

This “HP” has a fuller outline with a tightly pulled in tail. The rails are upturned on entry and foils to a lowered 60/40 down rail, with slight edge starting before the front fins. 

Our G&S team has rode different versions of this model, with the most popular being the pintail. 

Described as a super fun board with a lot of potential in bigger surf, the fuller volume under the chest allows for strong and easy paddling, with the vertical performance of something smaller. 

Can be ordered from 9’0 up to 9’6”.


  • A Hand - shaped U.S. Blanks Green Density Foam with 1/4"  Basswood Stringer , 2-Layers of 6 oz Glass plus a Knee patch and Tail Patch.
  • Single Fin Box with side bites a Drill hole for string loop -Fins Included
  • Gloss & Polish Finish.

Shipping is Additional.

ORDERS Take 4-6 Weeks. Surfboard Shipping is not included in the price and is Approx. $150-$200 within the Continental USA. We also Ship to Hawaii and most countries (excluding Japan and Australia - see our Dealer list for contacts) Quotes are available upon request.

We will call you or email you to go over your order details.

At that time we can give you a shipping quote as well to your destination. Free Pick up in San Diego, CA. (Shipping is usually $200-230 within the Cont. USA.) If you have questions please don't hesitate to contact us. Ph. (858)270-1140

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