The G&S Waterskate
The G&S Waterskate
The G&S Waterskate

The G&S Waterskate

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  • Shaped by Chris Darby

  • Best Size range: 5'5 - 6'8

  • Sample Dimensions: 6'4 x 22" x 2.5" (2.875" at Rail) nose: 17.5  tail: 15.5"
  • Experience Level:  Novice to Advanced
  • Wave Type: Ideal for small mushy surf waist to head hight
  • Description:  The WaterSkate was designed by Tom Morey for G&S in 1972. The concept of the concave deck offered stability and a low center of gravity combined with the steep down rail made the WaterSkate ride or "Skate" on top of the water more efficiently in small gutless surf. One of our more unique concept models that may not be for everybody, but definitely gives a new experience to riding waves.
  • A Hand shaped U.S. Blanks Blue or Green Density Foam
  • 3/16" Bass Stringer
  • 2-Layers of 4 or 6oz Glass on the deck and 1- 4 or 6oz glass on the bottom. Designed and recommended to come as a Single Fin, Tri Fin Twin + Trailer or Quad (Future or FCS fin Systems)
  • Wet-sanded Gloss or Gloss & Polish

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