Hot Curl (Transitional)

Hot Curl (Transitional)

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  • Size Range: 6’4″-8'9" (for longer sizes see "Classic Collection Hot Curl"

  • Sample Dimensions:  Length: 7'4  Width: 23" Nose:17.5" Tail: 16.5" Thickness: 2.75" - 3"
  • Experience level: Novice to advanced

  • Wave Type: Great for slow to average surf under head high

  • Shaped by:  Chris Darby
  • Description: Originally designed in 1967 as an Australian influenced "involvement shape" with curved foam wedges and squaretail, the HotCurl quickly evolved during the Shortboard Revolution. First becoming an 8' to 9' pintail in mid- 1968, quickly dropping all the way down to the 7ft and under range with a round tail in 1969. Small improvements have been made but the heart and the soul of the model are intact along with it's revolution era signature laminate. Features foiled 60/40 rails turning down to hard edge off of tail with rails raising up toward nose. Wide point at center for ease of turning up face and fast trimming and control from mid board. Bottom contour is flat to slight "Vee" in tail with double concave optional.

  • Fin set up/ Options: Recommended as a Single fin

  • Standard Construction U.S. Blanks Blue or Green Density Foam with a 3/16" Bass Stringer. 2-Layers of 4 or 6oz Glass on the deck and 1- 4 or 6oz glass on the bottom. Acrylic Finish, Wet Sanded Gloss, Gloss & Polish finish.

Other options are available with Quote such as Airbrush Color or Shipping

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