Hot Curl -Round PIn(70s)

Hot Curl -Round PIn(70s)

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Shaped by Chris Darby
Size range: 5'10"- 7'6"′ 

Sample Dimensions: 
Length:  Width:  Nose: Tail: Thickness: 

Description: The Hot Curl is also in our 60's Classics section as a Long board. The reason for this is that the Hot Curl is a historic example of the Shortboard revolution in Surfboards. In 1968 boards dropped 3 feet in length almost overnight and the Surfer Magazine couldn't even keep up with the change that happened between publication dates. Gordon & Smith was one of the few surfboard labels that survived the quick change, a big reason was that Floyd Smith was in Australia at the time starting Gordon & Smith Australia. Floyd made a phone call to Larry telling him of the dramatic change that was happening and to stop production on all long boards in the U.S. and start making Shorter boards. Other brands got caught with tons of obsolete Longboard stock. Gordon & Smith led the Shortboard revolution with ads like "How Short?" and others pushing the trend forward. The early 70's Hot Curl is the evolution that came out of the revolution. It's the missing link, the Short Longboard. Small improvements have been made but the heart and the soul of the model are intact along with the vibrant Australian connection Artwork made for this model.

Base Price includes: U.S. Blanks Blue or Green Density Foam with 1- 3/16" Bass wood Stringers , 2-Layers of 4 or 6oz Glass on the deck with a Volan Knee patch and 6oz glass on the bottom. Designed to come as a Single Fin. Fin Included either Glassed on or as a Fins Unlimited Box with Gloss & Polish Finish.

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