1960 "Bubble Logo" T Shirt - White
1960 "Bubble Logo" T Shirt - White
1960 "Bubble Logo" T Shirt - White

1960 "Bubble Logo" T Shirt - White

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The "Bubble Logo" was Gordon & Smith's first logo for a short period of time.
About 50-55 boards were made with the logo in the early 1960's. 

This logo was drawn up by Mike Salisbury, who was a local artist that would hang out around PB Point in San Diego. Mike would spend time at G&S between school and surfing.

Mike shared with Larry and Floyd that he wanted to come up with a better logo for them. One day he stopped by the shop to share his newest idea. The "Original Logo" with its red background cut out like templates of a surfboard, highlighting the Gordon & Smith name in black lettering. With the birth of this new logo, the Bubble Logo was put away... 

Until now!

After many requests and interest in the Original Bubble Logo, we decided to make it official and get it printed on a T Shirt! As well as glassing our surfboards with it again. So, if you're ordering a custom, ask for the Bubble Logo!