70s SwallowTail
70s SwallowTail
70s SwallowTail

70s SwallowTail

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  •  Best Size range: 6'6- 7’8″

  • Sample Dimensions: 6'8 x 21" x 2.875" nose: 15.5" tail: 14.5"
  • Experience Level:  Intermediate to Expert Surfer
  • Wave Type: Ideal for Juicy, hollow conditions shoulder to overhead
  • Description: Designed in 1973 as a single fin "split tail" and part of the G&S Fish Family, the Swallowtail or "Winter Swallow" is ideal for larger, steep conditions. Featuring a sleek outline and narrower tail block, this model proves how the combination of the "split tail" or swallowtail design with a single fin offers all the drive, hold and control needed in juicy conditions. Also recommended as a "Wing Swallow" for extra bite and pivot in and out of turns.
  • A Hand shaped U.S. Blanks Blue or Green or Blue Density Foam
  • 3/16" Bass Stringer
  • 2-Layers of 4 or 6oz Glass on the deck and 1- 4 or 6oz glass on the bottom. Designed and recommended to come as a Single Fin
  • Wet-sanded Gloss or Gloss & Polish

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