Summer Fish
Summer Fish
Summer Fish
Summer Fish

Summer Fish

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  • Size Range: 6'2 - 6'10

  • Sample Dimensions: Length: 6'6  Width: 21.5" Thickness: 3" Nose: 17" Tail: 16"

  • Shaped by Chris Darby

  • Experience Level: Intermediate to Advanced

  • Wave Type: Best in average waist to head high conditions, but can also handle larger conditions depending on the surfers experience.

  • Description: Designed in the late 60's by knee-boarder Steve Lis, the fish gained popularity and adapted by surfers in the early 70's. The traditional Fish's main feature is its wide split tail and twin keels, but combined with its wide nose outline, flatter rocker and plenty of foam out to the rail, the Fish catches waves with ease and rockets down the line like no other short board can.

  • Fin set up/ Options: Recommended as a Single Fin, 2+1 or Twin Keel but also available in 2 AND 1, a Tri Fin, or Quad Futures or FCS Fin System.
  • Standard Construction U.S. Blanks Blue or Green Density Foam with a 3/16" Bass Stringer. 2-Layers of 4 or 6oz Glass on the deck and 1- 4 or 6oz glass on the bottom. Acrylic Finish, Wet Sanded Gloss, Gloss & Polish finish.

Other options are available with Quote such as Airbrush Color or Shipping

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