Red Fin
Red Fin

Red Fin

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  • Size Range:  9' - 10'6 

  • Sample Dimensions:  Length: 9'6  Width: 22 "  Thickness: 3.125"

  • Experience Level: Intermediate to Expert

  • Wave Type: Great in a variety of conditions, from knee to overhead.

  • Shaped by:  Chris Darby
  • Description: Designed by Mike Hynson for G&S in 1965, the Red Fin became one of the most popular models of the Signature Model era that spawned the "Red Fin Army" that included top surfers like Skip Frye, Billy Hamilton, Barry Kanaiapuni and Butch Vanartsdalen to name a few. intended for the accomplished intermediate to adanced surfer for superior edge control, powerful bottom turns and speed in small to overhead surf. Features a medium narrow outline throughout with slightly pulled in nose and subtle hip with less curve off the tail for speed and increased projection out of turns. rails are 60/40 medium rails pinched for increased sensitivity and lift, to hard edge off the tail for fast turning and edge control. Bottom contour is flat to medium "Vee" in the tail. Rocker is slightly increased in the nose for juicier surf and flatter towards the tail for maximum speed out of turns.

  • Fin set up/ Options: Recommended as a Single Fin.

  • Standard Construction U.S. Blanks Blue or Green Density Foam with 3- Redwood "Redfin" Stringers, 2-Layers of 6oz Volan Glass on the deck with a Volan Deck patch and 1- 6oz Volan on the bottom  with cut-laps for a classic clean look. Wet Sanded Gloss or Gloss & Polish finish.

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