Custom Order Surfboard Deposit
Custom Order Surfboard Deposit
Custom Order Surfboard Deposit
Custom Order Surfboard Deposit
Custom Order Surfboard Deposit
Custom Order Surfboard Deposit
Custom Order Surfboard Deposit

Custom Order Surfboard Deposit

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This places a deposit down on a Custom Surfboard - Call us  to obtain a quote to your specifics.

We have the expertise and the design range to not only to put your first board under your feet, but every board in your lifetime.

With 4 Expert Shapers, Hundreds of design templates and a Custom Factory, we can make a board that helps you surf better at your break, with quality and in a color job that expresses who you are.

Our boards are 100% hand-shaped. We build boards  with Polyurethane Foam from U.S. Blanks.  And each board has 2 layers of glass on the deck and a single layer on the bottom. Fin systems to choose from: Single Bahne box, FCS plugs, FCS fusion, FCSII or Future Fin System. We also offer Glass-On Fins. Airbrush color, Resin Color and Pinlines are all color options. Sounds complicated? We will help make it simple.

A Custom Board can be a Custom sized Shape or just Custom Color. There are going to be some questions to answer before we get started on your Custom Board. The Following questions will help us give you an Estimate on a Board.

Let's Start Here - What Questions you need to answer:

  • Your Height, Weight, and Experience
  • What type of wave or where do you surf?
  • What are you surfing now and what do you want to change about it?
  • What length do you want?
  • What type of Fin System and how many Fins do you want?
  • What kind of Finish: Sanded, Acrylic, Wet-Sanded Gloss or Gloss & Polish?
  • Do you want Airbrush color? Pinlines? or a Resin Tint?



How does the Custom Board Process Work?


  1. We  give you an estimate based on the length, model, fins, finish and color. Shipping and packing are options as well.  (Shipping within the Continental USA with packing run between $150-$200)
  2. We require a 50% deposit or $500. We take Visa & Mastercard, Paypal, Cash and Checks. You can either do it on-line or in person. This deposit is refundable up until the board is shaped unless you are requesting a super custom stringer configuration in your blank.
  3. We go over your order details with you and once we have that complete, we order the blank from US Blanks.
  4. The blank arrives and in line for shaping. At this time if requested or if design questions still remain, the shaper may call you to nail down the details.
  5. Once its shaped it will start the glassing process. We shape and glass at our own surfboard factory so we have full control of the process. These are the steps in the glassing process: lamination, hot coat, fin system installation or glass-on, sanding, acrylic or gloss coat & polish.
  6. We check it out and if it meets our high quality standards, It's done!
  7. The whole process takes usually between 6-8 weeks but can take longer depending upon your custom options and the season. Spring and Summer are busy!
  8. We contact you and you can come pick it up and make your final payment, or we can ship it out to you.