Steve Claar “Rabbid Rabbit” C 90 Concave Reissue - Orange Deck, Purple Rabbit

Steve Claar “Rabbid Rabbit” C 90 Concave Reissue - Orange Deck, Purple Rabbit

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This is Steve Claars’ Model that was originally made on the G&S C 90 Mold.

We have made a new C90 Mold and this is the FIRST board we have pressed on the brand-new mold, it’s got major concaves, rocker and a TRITAIL! Glad to have this mold in our array so we can make a whole new slew of cool Reissues with great graphics originally pressed with C 90!

The Rabbid Rabbit Graphic is by Neil Blender. The story behind it is that Steve Claar needed a graphic and was over at Neil’s house and pointed to a doodle on Neil’s table …”that’s it!” And so Rabbid Rabbit became a skateboard graphic.

Way Back Story:
We have a huge archive of original films we saved from back in the day before digital times. These films were used to burn screens to silkscreen these original models in the 80’s…. We found the ORIGINAL films for Rabbid Rabbit and are stoked to take them out of their envelope after 35 years to silkscreen another run!

Dimensions: 32 1/4" x 10" x 15.5" Wheelbase.  

Original Art, Original Shape. C90 Mold.
G&S Made in a partnership with Neil Blender and Steve Claar.
Made in San Diego, CA.
Silk screened by Patinos Americanos aka New Traditionalist Silk Screeners.

100% American made. Pressed at Watson Laminates in San Diego, California.