Trending : Rediscover Gliders-More Fun in Trim!

eagle glider

This category of surfboards has been rediscovered and is trending in popularity.
The "glider" is a board type that has splintered off the typical "log" and "nose rider" categories that usually dominate the long board marketplace.
The Glider Family includes boards typically in the 10' - 12' foot range, but we have been making them in shorter lengths offering the same feeling of glide, speed and pure trim. All these boards have the same elements of sleek outlines with parallel or semi parallel rails. Lower rockers and bottom contours on this board type connect directly with the waves energy offering a feeling of pure stoke that goes back to the origins of surfing making them a crowd favorite.
Gliders are best suited for mellow reef or point breaks in the knee to head high range where the board has "room to run" and connect rolling sections that most "normal" boards could never make. Also allowing surfers the advantage of sitting further out for earlier entry and the best wave selection of the set.

(Images are of our recent customers picking up their custom Gliders at our shop over the past few months.)
The Eagle:
Originally designed by Skip Frye for G&S in 1967 just before the "Short Board Revolution", the Eagle was refined decades later by Skip in longer lengths that he would use to "Cross Country" surf around the San Diego reefs catching and riding waves that no one thought were possible.
The Eagle is defined by its sleek pointed nose and tail, parallel rails for speed, and "hipped" round pin tail for smooth fluid turns. Offered in Single fin or 2+1. This one was made for Angel.

The LG (Signature Series) LongFish (The Yellow LG Swallowtail shown with a modern machine)
Designed and perfected by Larry Gordon as his "Go To" daily rider, this model also offers the parallel rail for speed, the curved "hip" in the tail for easy turning and the swallow tail for hold and control. This model is specifically designed as a single fin "only" option with the outline and bottom contours in the tail coordinating with the single fin placement.
Magic Glider
This is our Magic model from the "Short Board Revolution" and has one of the most versatile templates in our line up. Modified with glider rocker, rails and bottom contours, The Magic Glider has a "wide point forward" continuous curve outline that translates into down the line speed, smooth turning and incredible control from the tail. This model is offered in rounded pin or swallowtail versions and works well with single fin , 2+1, tri or twin.
Gypsy Glider
Another versatile template from 1970 adapted with "Glider" elements, the Gypsy Glider is a neutral outline with wide point center, that allows for maximum control from center trim position and increased maneuverability up and down the face of the wave. The diamond tail helps increase surface area in the tail for maximum lift and drive off the tail in slower, flatter sections. Offered in Single Fin, 2+1 or Tri
If you have any questions , or want to add a glider to your quiver or any custom order inquiry, please contact us for more info. We are here to help.