twin fin & egg

These two models were introduced by G&S Surfboards in about 1971. See this original Ad published in Surfer Magazine. The Egg, developed largely by Skip Frye while he was shaping for G&S,  has never gone out of style, we just keep spinning it and adjusting it to keep it relevant. It's the most universal shape out there and everyone makes one.

However, The Twin Fin came into style and then was forgotten for quite some time. With the "Mini Simmons" revolution, this type of board is getting attention once again. From Experience, we knew its limitations: Originally it was extra thick with an "S" deck that made it difficult to maneuver and the fins were glassed too far back on the board. Recently, we had the opportunity to be able to bring this original TWIN FIN back into Relevance with a project for our Japanese Dealer - Mr. Kajikawa of Holy Smoke.

With minor adjustments, this model has moved up into 2018 as a winner!
Check out the result:

Photos by: Tsuyoshi Kajikawa of Holy Smoke, Japan

Now available again after 47 years, Call us to inquire at (858)270-1140