G&S Custom Surfboard Orders: How does it work?

G&S Custom Surfboard Orders: How does it work?

Reserving a deposit secures your spot for a tailored Custom Surfboard—contact us directly to receive a personalized quote based on your unique preferences


With a team of 4 Expert Shapers, an extensive array of design templates, and our own specialized factory, we craft boards not just for your first ride but for a lifetime of surfing experiences.



Each board is meticulously hand-shaped using Polyurethane Foam sourced from U.S. Blanks. Our process includes the application of two layers of glass on the deck and a single layer on the bottom, ensuring durability and performance. Choose from various fin systems, including Single Bahne box, FCS plugs, FCS fusion, FCSII, Future Fin System, or opt for Glass-On Fins. Express your style with options like Airbrush color, Resin Color, and Pinlines—we'll guide you through the choices to simplify the process.

Whether you seek a custom-sized shape or a unique color scheme, our Custom Boards cater to your specific desires. Before we commence crafting your Custom Board, we'll ask a few questions to understand your preferences better. These questions are designed to assist us in providing you with a precise estimate for your ideal board.

  1. Estimate: Upon discussing the specifics such as length, model, fins, finish, and color of your custom board, we provide you with an estimated cost. Additionally, we offer shipping and packing options. (Note: Shipping within the Continental USA with packing typically ranges between $150-$200.)

  2. Deposit: To kick-start the process, we require a 50% deposit or a minimum of $500. Payment methods accepted include Visa, Mastercard, Paypal, Cash, and Checks. You can conveniently make this deposit either online or in person. This deposit is refundable until the board enters the shaping stage, except in cases where a highly customized stringer configuration is requested in your blank.

  3. Order Confirmation and Blank: Once we finalize your order details, we proceed to order the blank from US Blanks, a step essential for shaping your board.

  4. Shaping Stage: Upon the arrival of the blank, it is queued for shaping. During this phase, if any design-related queries persist, the shaper may contact you to ensure precise detailing before proceeding.

  5. Glassing Process: Shaping and glassing take place in our dedicated surfboard factory, granting us complete oversight of the process. The glassing process comprises lamination, hot coat application, fin system installation (or glass-on), sanding, acrylic or gloss coat application, and a final polish.

  6. Quality Check and Completion: Our team meticulously inspects the board, adhering to stringent quality standards. Upon meeting these criteria, the board is considered complete.

  7. Timeline and Collection: The entire process typically spans between 6-8 weeks, although timelines can extend depending on custom options and seasonal demand, particularly during busy periods like Spring and Summer. Once your custom board is ready, we will promptly notify you. You can then opt to pick it up, make the final payment, and inspect the board in person, or alternatively, we can arrange shipping to your specified address.

 We strive to ensure that your custom board not only meets but exceeds your expectations, delivering a high-quality product tailored to your preferences.

Photos: Daniella Christie



Business Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-5pm

(858) 270-1140 (Email Form is best as the Factory is Noisy)

5151 Santa Fe Street #A, San Diego, California