9'4 #21488 Classic Noserider - Viewing at Harley Davidson

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This board is currently on display at Harley Davidson off Morena Blvd in San Diego. If you would like to purchase this board, please contact us directly to ensure it is still available OR stop by Harley Davidson. 

9'4 #21488 Classic Noserider

This Classic Noserider features...

- Old Board Yellow resin tint on the bottom & rails

- Clear deck 

- Volan knee patch for added strength

- Single fin box set up

- Gloss and polish finish

Shaped by Chris Darby 
Dimensions: 9'4 x 23" x 3 1/4"

This price is for pick up in San Diego.
If you need it shipped, we will get a shipping quote and you will be charged for packing ($35) plus shipping fee before Shipping.
Packing and Shipping is roughly $250 within the USA.

Call or Email us with questions. 

858-270-1140 or boards@gordonandsmith.com