9’6 Quarter Speed Log
9’6 Quarter Speed Log

9’6 Quarter Speed Log

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9’6 Quarter speed

A salute to our most popular Model of the early 60’s.
This one is Glassed with 6 oz Volan to make a lighter version.  
The Gordon and Smith “Bubble Logo” was the first attempt at a logo for Larry and Floyd in about 1960. It was a short-lived logo, as the iconic red, black, and white rectangular logo took its place shortly after.

These dimensions are approx: 9’6 x 3 1/4” W x 17 N x 23” W x 17” T x 7.5” Tail block width.

This board has a single fin box and includes the Fin with a Gloss & Polish Finish.  The stringer is a dark and light wood Tband.

Price is for Pick up in San Diego. Contact us for a shipping quote.