Steve Seebold has been the head shaper for G&S  for at least the last 20 years and has shaped for G&S more on than off for many more before that.

Steve started shaping In 1961, so he has the full benefit of design and surfing experience from the 60's and 70's which is crucial for today's shapes because of the resurgence of Fish, Eggs and Logs in the alternative surf scene. Steve has paid close attention to what everyone else has done and has made notes and filed them away for future reference on custom orders. He has an extensive library of shapes, not just G&S archives. And his understanding of shape ranges from progressive shortboards, mid shapes, fish and longboards-the full gamut.

In 1970 Steve started riding for the G&S Surf Team. His shaping bay is less than a block from the beach in Pacific Beach in the house where he grew up. He is a genius when it comes to surfboard shaping and custom design but is so under the radar that he is the best kept secret in San Diego. With all due respect to other shapers, Steve is the only shaper we know that shapes a board YOU want and not what HE wants.....


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