GS_slide_ConnellyKevin Connelly is back to G&S after 20 years! Kevin has joined our team at Gordon & Smith and Custom Surf Glass – Surfing, Shaping and Glassing with a New “Kurrent” Flavor.  This Collaboration is Called “Kurrently Classic” and breathes a Fresh approach to our established Surfboard Line up. A perfect blend of Classic and Progressive Modern. Kevin has a colorful side and brings a new Art Scene to our Shop as well as his high quality craftsmanship .

In the new Shaping Room at G&S, Kevin has designed new models for 2016. Look for the “HoverKraft”, the “Komp”, “The Drone”, “The Formula 1 & 2”, the "Bipolar" and the “Slider”

KC + G&S = 100% Stoked



The philosophy behind my business is simple.  Make the finest custom surfboards anywhere, period.  To achieve this, I take everything you want, your present surfing ability, the goals you have in mind, and translate that into a one of a kind custom surfboard.  After shaping thousands upon thousands of boards I can share my knowledge and guidance to create a board that will help take your surfing to a higher level.

I got started early and was fortunate to learn from some of surfing's modern legends.  As a youngster, Skip Frye took me under his wing and laid the foundations of my shaping concepts and fundamentals.  With Skip's blessing, I accepted an offer from Larry Gordon of Gordon and Smith to join his team as a professional surfer and shape on the side.  G&S allowed me to get a lot of shaping experience due to the large volume of work they did making classic and progressive longboards.  After my time with G&S, a sponsorship deal brought me into Rusty Preisendorfer's stable of shapers and pro surfers.  My time with Rusty was where I took all the concepts of glide and flow i had learned from Skip, plus the finer points of the classic longboard from G&S, and combined them with modern outlines and foils.

I recently reconnected with my roots and have set up shop at the G&S factory where I am surrounded by great builders and craftsmen.  I work hard with my customers to get their input on their custom board and then build it according to my rigorous personal standards.   I hope to hear from you soon so I can make you that magic board you've been looking for.

Hang Ten,

Kevin Connelly


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