Debbie & Eric run the day to day business of G&S Surfboards & Skateboards and Custom Surf Glass. Its all hands on and attention to detail for these two.

Born into the Surf & Skate Industry, they both know the brand and what to do and how to do it.

In 2013 the two partnered up with the addition of the Surfboard Factory. They were actually raised by the business and have both worked in the family business for many years of their lives from the ground up. Eric has a business degree and has worked in the Graphics Field for over 25 years and Debbie has a degree in Multimedia and Media Arts. Eric designed ads for Gordon & Smith from the 80's on and Debbie grew up working in the retail surf shops owned by G&S in the 70's and 80's. Both have extensive experience and apply it every day. Instead of talking about what they can do, they would rather show it to you as they make the brand their own and roll out G&S in a fresh way while respecting the rich history that is saturated in everything they do.


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