The G&S Water Skate
Size range: 5’2 – 6’4″

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 5’2″
Width: 19.5″
Thickness: 2.125″ at center – 2.75″ at rail

Description: Originally Designed in 1972 by Tom Morey for G&S, The Water Skate was one of the early short boards made specifically for small mush waves. This unique design has a concave deck for a lower center of gravity and distributes the volume to a full ” boxy” down rail, creating a very stable board that literally “skates” on top of the water offering a completely different surfing experience. We’ve made some changes to bring it into the modern design world but the heart and soul are still there.

Best for: Mushy slow beach breaks and reef breaks in the knee to shoulder high range.

Features: Concave deck with slight single concave in the bottom to mellow “v” in the tail. Can be ridden as a single fin, 2+1, tri fin or quad….you choose!

Skill level: Beginner to Advanced.


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