Summer Fish


G&S-SummerFishSummer Fish
Size range: 6′ – 7’6″

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 6’6″
Width: 21″
Nose: 17″
Tail: 15″
Thickness: 2.75″

Description: Designed at G&S in 1973 as part of the Fish Family, the Summer Fish was one of the team favorites. made to ride slightly longer and thinner than the fish, the narrower tail and curved outline make the Summer Fish a smooth power surfing machine.

Best for: All kinds of surf breaks and conditions from waist high to slightly overhead.

Features: Flat bottom to “vee” in tail or double concave depending on fin set up. Can be ridden as a single fin, 2+1, Tri fin or Quad with FCS or Future systems.

Skill level: Novice to expert

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