Double Wing Quad Fish


Double Wing Quad Fish
Size Range : 5’6″ -6’8″

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 6’0
Width: 21″
Nose: 16″
Tail: 16.25″
Thickness: 2.5″

Description: A high permormance “Rocket Fish” style of board with a slightly narrower nose and tail that increases the curve in the outline for more “up and down” vertical surfing and wrap around turns. This is what a fish ends up looking like when you add new modern ideas and theories to an old school design.

Best for: All kinds of surf breaks and conditions especially peaky beach breaks or reefs from waist high to slightly overhead.

Features: Slight concave bottom to double concave. Modern performance rail with tucked under edge. Quad glass-on wood fins or FCS/Future fin systems.

Skill Level: Intermediate to expert


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