Magic Round Pin


Magic RP
Size Range: 6’0″-8’6″ +

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 7’10”
Width: 21.625″
Nose: 16″
Tail: 15″
Thickness: 2.625″

Description: One of our best sellers and classic outlines since 1969. Refined and improved through out the decades, and still a favorite. It can glide down-the-line through sections in small surf or carve smooth powerful turns in larger surf.60/40 rails fades into edge in the tail. a mild rocker for easier paddling and speed.

Best for: A Variety of conditions from small knee high to overhead.

Features: Flat bottom to “Vee” in tail or double concave depending on fin set up. Can Be ridden as a Single fin, 2+1, Tri fin or Quad.

Skill Level: Intermediate to expert.

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