The Egg
Size range: 5’6″ -8’6″ +

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 7’6″
Width: 23″
Nose: 17″
Tail: 16″
Thickness: 2.75″

Description: The Egg was developed by Skip Frye in 1972 at G&S and like the Fish, is another classic shape. With its cruved “egg shaped” outline, full round tail and catch free rails, the Egg is easy to surf yet it can perform at an extremely high level. As always, the egg is one of surfing’s most versatile designs.

Best for: All kinds of surf breaks and conditions from waist to slightly overhead.

Features: Flat bottom to “Vee” in tail or double concave depending on fin set up. Can be ridden as a Single fin, 2+1, Tri fin or Quad. The egg round tail allows for some clean and flowy turns.

Skill level: Beginner to  Expert

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