G&S Family

G&S is back in the Family. We are proud to announce that the company is owned and operated exclusively by the Gordon Family.  Welcome to our Family.

5 Responses to "G&S Family"

  1. Rick Fuhs says:

    Do you have shirts and hats for sale I can’t find them anywhere


  2. Bob Leeper says:

    Still have my old G&S 10-2, 22, 2 1/2 from 1964. Looking for a new 10 to 10-6 single fin nose ride accommodating board. Sound possible and if so where can I see the current materials? Let me know by return email. Thanks and glad the family is back.

  3. patrick says:

    with the return of the Gordon family, will we see skate decks in the future?

  4. Emilio Fonfria says:

    Debbie: Do the Surfboard AND Skateboard business belong to The Gordons again?

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