Custom Formula I...

Custom Formula I...


$500 Deposit starts your order. The Formula I & II are Shaped exclusively by Kevin Connelly. Custom Color, Custom for your Size, Experience and local break. Custom Made for You.

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The Formula I, II is Shaped exclusively by Kevin Connelly.

Base Price includes: U.S. Blanks Green or Classic Density Foam with a 3/8" Bass Stringer with Black Glue and 2 - Black Glue Cuts 7" Out set, 2-Layers of 6 or 8oz Glass plus a Knee patch and Tail Patch. Single Fin Box with a Drill hole for string loop -Fin Included and a Gloss & Polish Finish. This Model is a dual step deck (Nose & Tail) But can be shaped with just a step Nose, Tail or No Steps at all! Shipping is Additional.
Other options are available with Quote such as extra stringers and Airbrush Color.
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Formula Base Price

10'2-10'6 (10'6+ Quote)

Base Price Color Extra

$Includes Fin

Label 2
Label 3
Label 4
$500 To Start


$Extras Options

Label 1
Sidebites =$30.00
Label 2
Resin Tint/Opaque = $110.00
Label 3
Custom Airbrush = $45 and up
Label 4
WetSanded Gloss =<-$25>

Additional information


9'0, 9'3, 9'6, 9'9, 9'11, 10'1, 10'3, 10'6, 10'6+


Center Box, Box + 2-Future Sides, Box + 2-FCS Sides, Single Glass-on


Gloss & Polish, Wet-Sanded Gloss, Acrylic


Clear – No Color, Resin Tint, Custom Airbrush

Your Height

Under 5', 5'1-5'4, 5'5-5'8, 5'9-6', 6'1-6'3, 6'4+

Your Weight

Under 130lbs, 130-145lbs, 145-160lbs, 160-175lbs, 175-195lbs, 195-215lbs, 215-225lbs, 225lbs+

Your Surfing Experience

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced