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The Komp

The Komp Size Range: 9'0-9'4" Dimensions: Length: 9'2  Nose: 18 3/4" Width: 22 3/4" Tail: 14 5/8" Thickness: 2 3/4" Description: This model is a high performance long board, a competition model that is completely redesigned from the shape outline to the bottom contour and rails for our “Kurrently Classic Collaboration by Kevin. While this board is…
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Long Fish

The Long Fish Size range: 7'11″ – 10'6" Sample Dimensions: Length:  Width:  Nose:  Tail: Thickness: Description: As the name implies, This is a long drawn out fish. Features:  Can be a Tri, or Quad, you choose. START A CUSTOM ORDER
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The Bi-Polar Asymetrical Noserider

The Bi-Polar Asymetrical Noserider Warning….! Not for the faint of heart,  this model is specifically made for either a goofy foot or regular foot. It is both shaped asymetrical and the construction is weighted heavier on the wave wall side for your particular stance. Hangs in the wave yet breaks free with a shorter rail…
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