The Larry Gordon Model

The Larry Gordon Model
Size range: 9’0″ – 10'6"+

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 9’6″ Width: 23.5″ Thickness: 3.25″

This was Larry's personal daily ride and favorite shape for the fast Pumphouse lefts at Toumaline Surfing Park (nicknamed - Larry's Left). It's simple, but the design is complex in what it delivers in trim speed, acceleration out of turns, and hold in steep sections. This model is great for those who love to go fast, have turn control from the trim position and make smooth powerful turns with confidence off the tail. Larry was one of the early proponents of the Fish and Swallow tail design and spent years properly adapting and refining it to this final model. One of the few designs like it on the market today.

Features: Medium/Full 50/50 rails, with a flat bottom to medium vee off the tail. Offered with reverse T-band stringer, Knee patch and recommended as a single fin or 2+1 set up.

Why a Big Fish? Why Not? This was Larry's Daily Ride.


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