The Komp
Size Range: 9'0-9'4"

Dimensions: Length: 9'2  Nose: 18 3/4" Width: 22 3/4" Tail: 14 5/8" Thickness: 2 3/4"

This model is a high performance long board, a competition model that is completely redesigned from the shape outline to the bottom contour and rails for our “Kurrently Classic Collaboration by Kevin. While this board is a good all around long board its designed to be taken to the limit for the best most radical performance  and capable of aggressive maneuvers depending upon user capability. While its not a full blown noserider, its wide enough for a first noseriding experience.  It has edge in the tail for quicker carving turns paired with a versatile 2 + 1 fin configuration.

This one shown with a yellow Resin tint with “Komp” styling on the deck – specifically, Black dual Resin speed panels. Comes with both the Gordon & Smith logo and the KC logo because G&S + KC = 100% stoked!  2+1 Fin set up – shown with FCS plugs for side fins and includes center and side fins.

Wet Sanded Gloss to help it last a little longer but if you want it light ask for our famous 3 step acrylic finish.




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