Magic Fish

Magic Fish
Size range: 6’0 - 8’6″+

Sample Dimension:
Length: 7’6″ Width: 22″ Nose: 16″ Tail: 15″ Thickness: 2.625″

Description: A Popular Mid-range Funshape in our lineup since the 80’s and 90’s. It’s similar to the Magic RP but with the wider, straighter fish tail, it really accelerates and holds in tight powerful turns. The Magic Fish is a perfect high performance solution in a “mid-range” size board for those who like to “Glide & Gouge.”

Features: Medium Hard 60/40 rails fades into edge in the tail. a mild rocker for easier paddling and speed. Flat bottom blends into slight tail vee or heavy double concave depending on the fin set up you choose for speed and quicker turns. Can be ridden as a Single fin, 2+1, Tri fin or Quad as shown.



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