Isaac Wood Log

The Isaac Wood Log
Size Range: 9'2 - 10'

Sample Dimensions:

Length: 9'10"  Width: 24.25"  Thickness: 3.125"  Nose: 20.5"  Tail 16.75"

Description:  Designed by Steve Seebold and longtime teamrider Isaac Wood for "Log Style competition. The I.W. Nose rider has a extra deep nose concave with extra wide nose and modern tail rocker specifically suited for maximum control while on the nose.

Features: To get the extra width it has 2- 1/8" Stringers with Foam in the middle to add an extra inch to the width. We usually do a decorative foam stain in the foam between the stringers but everything is an option with Custom orders. Heavy glassing schedule with a Gloss & Polish finish.  Knee patch and tail patch are usually standard.


Everything is optional in a Custom Order

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