Comp ST (Square Tail)
Size range: 9’0″ – 9'10"

Sample Dimensions:
Length: 9'2″ Width: 22"  Thickness: 2.5" - 2 3/4" Nose: 18" Tail: 14.5"

The Comp is our original high performance model. It works well for maneuvers, yet still noserideable. It works well in waist to overhead high surf. A thinner, sensitive board for a more aggressive long board style.

Features: 60/40 rails with some edge in the tail for speed and extra hold while in a turn. It has a natural rocker. Slight short concave in the nose fades into flat, then into slight vee in the tail. They are traditionally glassed lighter with a 5 oz + a 4 oz on the deck and a single 5 oz on the bottom. The Finish is usually an Acrylic Finish to keep it light but this is just an option if you want a light long board. If you want a more durable board then we recommend a heavier glass job and a Gloss Finish. Recommended as a 2+1 set up.

Everything is optional with custom orders.


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