38″ & 44″ Fibreflex Longboard Complete

38" & 44″ Pintail Complete Skateboard

Comes complete with 78A 70mm Race Red YOYOs and Paris Trucks.

Fibreflex Longboards feature a vertically laminated wood core of aspen and mahogany, sandwiched in a heated mold one at a time between skins of pre-cured epoxy fibreglass. The result is a thin, light, extremely srong and lively skateboard with uneatable, torque flex and snap.

Fibreflex long boards have 100% reflex memory with no fatigue after long term use.
Reflex memory gives a positive set when turning and then intensifies the acceleration out of turns. It definitely offers the closest thing to climbing and dropping, weighting and un-weighting and pumping for speed when surfing and snowboarding.

These longboards were developed and introduced in 1998 and continue to perform to the the highest standards. These decks are the perfect cross-training tool: sharpening timing, rhythm and conditioning.

The first G&S Fibreflex was developed in 1964 for surfers by surfers.


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