Our Shapers

    Steve Seebold               Kevin Connelly               Chris Darby                Hank Warner


Steve Seebold, Master Shaper
Steve Seebold is the head shaper for G&S. He has all of our classic templates on archive from the 60's for the Hynson Red fin, 66 Skip Frye Model, shortboard revolution Magic, Gypsy and Mark Richards Fish from the 70's and much much more...


Kevin Connelly , Shaper & Designer
Kevin  is back with G&S after 20 years!  – 100% Stoked on Surfing, Shaping and Glassing with a New “Kurrent” Flavor.  This Collaboration is Called “Kurrently Classic” and breathes a Fresh approach to our established Surfboard Line up. A perfect blend of Classic and Progressive Modern. Kevin has a colorful side and brings a new Art Scene to our Shop as well as his high quality craftsmanship .


Chris Darby, Shaper & Finisher
Chris has been shaping for G&S since the early 2000's and his attention to detail, great patience and his skills as a good listener, have many happy customers that keep wanting another from his capable hands.

Hank Warner

Hank Warner, Veteran G&S Shaper
Hank's been shaping since 1967when he started working on surfboards with Billy Caster and then with G&S for years. Hank's speciaty is EVERYTHING and is a good choice for custom orders. He has shaped more than 25,000 surfboards, many of those under the G&S label. Hank has traveled the world to surf and shape custom surfboards in Australia, New Zealand, England, Spain, the entire Coastal USA, Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

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