Our Craftsmen


Tom Curtiss - "TC"
Airbrusher & Glosser, specializing in Ink, airbrush or resin Pinlines, 80s Art,  graphics and more. TC worked at the Gaines Street Factory in the 70's and 80's. Before that he worked for Bing. When Bing was licensed by Gordon & Smith, TC moved to San Diego and has been in the mix ever since.


Glen Hoffman
Precision Laminator, perfect cutlaps, tints, opaques and more. Glen worked for Larry Gordon at the old G&S Gaines Street Factory in the 70's . He still has the work ethic instilled by Paul Bordieri. We are Lucky to still have him.


Ryan Matyas
Sander and in charge of the "abrasives" department. He's  a true asset, his sanding talent speaks for itself, and he has sanded more boards than you will ever see in your lifetime.


Chris Darby
Polisher & Shaper. His polishes are mirror finished, top quality and high end. He would have it no other way.


Aaron Francisco
Hot Coat used to be an entry level job, now its an Art form. He is our Fin system installer. Single Fin Boxes, FCS plugs, Fusion, FCS IIs, Futures, and Leash Plugs. Aaron also glasses on Fins, glasses resin loops, does all the Hot Coats and some Glossing as well.  He makes it all look easy.